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    South Carolina sweet spot

    I flew today out at the Swamp Fox Ampitheater in Marion, SC - best place I've flown in the region. The outdoor ampitheater has a high earth berm surrounding the stage (grass covered). From the top of the berm you're looking down on the stage below you and behind you there is a half mile field...
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    Any ideas of cool places to fly?

    I live just south of London, uk, so this might not get too much attention due to the vast amount of Americans on here! I just need an idea of good places to fly that are interesting! I'm bored of flying on golf courses and just straight up over woodland!
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    Long Island, NY (Where can I fly?)

    I just received a Phantom 3 Standard for Christmas from my wife, and I really want to start flying it. After doing some research, I'm not sure where I'm allowed to fly and if I need permits to fly. I read about Suffolk county passing a bill about not being able to fly at beaches or parks. Then...
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    JACKSONVILLE, FL Best Flying Areas

    I live in Jacksonville, FL and I have a P3A! I was wondering what are the BEST flying spots around Jacksonville.? What places to are the coolest to see? I would love to fly in different places! Thanks,