1. C

    UAS Registration, LLC Questions

    Has anyone registered their commercial UAS under it's own LLC? I've been looking up information regarding the process, do you use the name of your business? Do you register that LLC in your state? Do I have to have a LLC already established before I can register my drone under it? Remote pilot...
  2. R

    Water Tower Inspection

    I have been approached by a smaller municipality to do inspections of some water towers. I have my part 107 license but don't know what they are looking for yet. I believe that they are just looking for photographs and video of the towers themselves. I was going to charge $100.00 per hour for...
  3. Jogle

    Register an LLC?

    Hi, all, setting aside 333 exemption questions (considering there is plenty about that on this forum), I'm wondering what people's thoughts are on registering an LLC for photography, which would include aerial photo/video services? I do normal photography for side jobs and have for awhile...