1. jdharrin

    Anyone Livestream Their Flights

    I'm still a relative P4P newbie and was walking through all the settings menus in the DJI GO 4 app. I was wondering how many actually use the live streaming function(s) within the app during their flights? Does the app deliver relatively good video? Can you adjust the resolution? Inquiring...
  2. Kristina Fowler

    YouTube Live Stream - Latency

    P4P; iPhone 6S Today, I broadcast a YouTube Livestream. The functionality and connectivity went very well, but I was very disappointed in the latency. About 15 seconds. Using an iPhone 6S on 4G and viewing on another iPhone 6S on 4G. As an A-B test, I brought all devices/controllers/drones in...
  3. DougAles

    Thank you -> onto Mavic

    Thank you to the members of this board. I lost my Phantom 3 Standard to King Triton in Lake Superior due to operator error, my error. I guess I need to join the Mavic group now. Wish we ware all one group. Here is a Facebook Livestream from my new Mavic Pro.
  4. DougAles

    Drone video

    In my video you will see me using the DJI Go app for a LiveStream to Facebook with my drone on a cold Wisconsin day as I fly around my neighborhood. Enjoy!
  5. 28wins

    Phantom 4: post your Live Streaming link

    So I tried Live Streaming on YouTube from my P4 the other day for the first time. My data connection wasn't good which resulted in a smallish and washed out feed. But still, it felt powerful. And stressful as I knew my camera work wasn't tip-top and there was no way to "edit it out" in post. :)...