1. russbarger

    Tablets that actually work for flying drones - livestock management

    Can you tell me what tablets exist which are close to the DJI Crystal Sky, when flying a drone for livestock or other agricultural applications? $800 for a tablet and bracket seem excessive. We are ranchers in western Nebraska who started our own drone company. The best time to fly a drone...
  2. russbarger

    Livestock related applications

    Has anyone seen attachments for herding livestock? Or applications which count livestock? I need developers we can hire for this.
  3. Captain drone king

    Anybody ever used a drone to find lost cattle, hourses, etc?

    Hey all! I've seen a few agricultural threads on here but not many. Just wondering if anybody has done that kind of work. I'm mostly thinking about finding lost livestock on BLM land. I live in western colorado and most my neighbors have cattle. During the summer they graze on public lands. My...