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  1. Phantom Wally L.I. N.Y.

    Video Transmission To Ipad Mini Problem Since Update 8/2017

    I have been using my dedicated Ipad mini with my P3P for 2 years without a problem. I updated the AC to 1.11.20. RC to 1.9.2 and Go App to 3.1.13, all without a problem. First time I flew, I get a message "Mobil device fully loaded" and a partial green screen in the camera view. I tried another...
  2. J

    Stream Phantom 4 pro Plus Video to Computer

    What is the best way to get live video to your computer from the Phantom 4 pro plus?
  3. C

    Laptop viewing for P3P video

    If DJI has done this already, please tell me! I would really like the ability for a laptop to receive the video stream from the drone and show it live. Is there USB plug-in of any sort that could intercept and display this live stream?