lens filters

  1. Cshore4

    Digital Concepts 3 piece gold series filter kit outer rim question

    I purchased a set of screw on filters , once installed the outer rim can still turn around, it has 2 dots on the face. Is there a certain position these dots should be in? Should the outer rim be able to turn after installed on the P3pro? Lens kit is digital concepts 3 piece gold series ND4...
  2. J

    Help Unscrewing lens filter on Phantom 3 4k

    Can anyone with experience with DJI Phantom 3 drones please give me advice on how to unscrew the built-in lens filter that ships with the Phantom 3 4k? (It's the same camera and filter on the Phantom 3 Professional and the Phantom 4). I need to remove it to attach ND filters or it is useless for...
  3. C

    Lens filters

    I had seen on here couple months ago someone was selling lens filters and can now not find it. I want to do some shooting over water that I can see down into the water and wonder what filter would be best and who could it been that sells them