1. SoCalDude

    Angle of View for Collision Avoidance

    Let's say I want to fly just barely over the top of something with my P4. As I approach it, I misjudge the clearance and my landing gear is about to hit the top of the object—will the collision avoidance engage and stop the aircraft? In other words, does the field of view or angle of view of...
  2. Specialist

    Phantom 3 Alternative Legs

    Hi All, so my Phantom 3 Pro is due to arrive Thursday.. I cannot wait :) One thing i've commonly read prior to purchase is the instability or poor design of the stock legs. Has anyone experienced issues whilst landing or have options for better alternative legs ? I saw this (bleow) which I...
  3. R

    Frame Dimensions for Legs

    Hi all, does anyone have detailed dimensional drawings of the underside of the Phantom belly? I specifically need dimensions between screw holes to build a camera mount for.