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    ESC's not lighting up during boot sequence

    Hi guys, I'm having an issue with the LEDs on 3 of the ESCs not lighting up during the boot sequence. They all light up during flight mode and the bird flies just fine but its a bit annoying. A bit of history on the bird, I had to replace 2 ESCs (v2.0) a while back and it hasn't worked since...
  2. M

    Wierd LEDs blinking all colors. Attached video!

    Hey guy. VIDEO: Fil 000 IM LOOSING MY MIND! My second p2v+ in this month that get all wierd on me! So, as you see in the video, around the 1 minute mark the phantom starts flashing and blinking the LEDs. I flew it today, got home, took out the battery. 1 hour later i put it in and started...