leds blinking

  1. oxybubble

    new to s1000, lights do not corospond with manual

    I am new to the s1000 , however when I start up the craft the lights go through the start up ok then this purple/lilac colour is present. the craft starts ok but im not sending it aloft until im sure. any help would be great.
  2. W

    Advanced Led= 4 green blinks then 2 red. Error code?

    Lights are normal pre take off then in hover I get 4 green blinks then 2 red. Is this an error code or just geo positioning ?
  3. M

    Wierd LEDs blinking all colors. Attached video!

    Hey guy. VIDEO: Fil 000 IM LOOSING MY MIND! My second p2v+ in this month that get all wierd on me! So, as you see in the video, around the 1 minute mark the phantom starts flashing and blinking the LEDs. I flew it today, got home, took out the battery. 1 hour later i put it in and started...