1. Helihover

    Who Here Flys From a Boat?

    I want to launch from a smaller aluminum boat on a very large river. Meaning my P4 will be initializing on a rocking boat. Thoughts? Experiences? Techniques? Thank You;)
  2. B

    Compass Calibration

    I am a new P3 Standard pilot (two months) and find this forum to be extremely helpful in terms of providing help and information. In following several recent threads, I have repeatedly viewed the suggestion "not to calibrate your compass every flight". I am confused: If I change launch...
  3. TheloniousMac

    Issue with Hand Launching / Catching Phantom 4?

    So, I've just done my maiden flight and I'm so used to hand launching on the Phantom 3 I instinctively did it with the Phantom 4 despite how "slippery" it is comparatively. Unfortunately I chickened out twice as the motor on the corner I was holding was throttling way faster than the other...
  4. Eric Greenwood

    Gizmodo Article on Phantom 4

    Gizmodo just posted all the Phantom 4 details, Interesting read.
  5. D

    Any drone can launch your fishing line.

  6. S

    Yacht Flight

    Guys I realize that when I'm next to metal objects my drone will tell me to move to different locations and try again. I was on a hotel roof with few metal pillars behind me and that still did not work. I will be on a yacht day after tomorrow and I have no idea what to do when I get the same...