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  1. U

    The true scoop on the latest P4P+ AC update to V01.05.0600 and RC+ update to V1.3.6.0?

    I felt it may be beneficial to start a post to get a good representation of feedback from current P4P+ owners regarding the upgrade experience and results, good or bad, of loading DJI's latest release of firmware (2018.03.08) for the P4P+. Since DJI's history of releasing bug-free firmware...
  2. ImJim

    Constant FPV lag - First flight with 1.11.20 FW

    Hey, Looks like I have new problems every new summer! I'm posting on my boat right now. Just finished an awful P3A flight above the sea... before going to vacation, I properly updated the bird to FW 1.11.20 + batteries + remote. So I started the bird on a flat rock in the middle of the sea, and...
  3. K

    P4 Firmware low speed after update

    Has anyone else had a problem with speed after the latest update? In sport mode my P4 is fine, but in regular P mode I can't get it to go faster than 8kph. Is there a solution?
  4. P

    Signal lost

    after the latest update i lost the signal.. i tries several ways to get back no use .. iim using phantom 3 advance
  5. D

    the truth behind the latest firmware

    To restrict flight altitude To minimize flight distance For safety. This is my opinion only lol
  6. G

    The easy way to update the latest firmware Dji Phantom 3

    I hope this video helps you who do not know how to upgrade the firmware of your favorite DJI. Check out this video

    Do i need to update to dji go

    Ive just come back from a 2 week holiday to find out that the android version of dji go has come out along with another firmware update do i need to or maybe the better question is should i update i have been reading about problems with the app and rc firmware update problems am i best to keep...