1. Dave Gould

    Laser Range Finders for Height....Suggestions

    Anyone using a laser rangefinder for measuring heights, like the Nikon Forestry Pro? Any good lower cost, but still accurate..suggestions??
  2. Up Sonder

    Army is testing blowing drones out of the sky with lasers

    US Army has been testing a Stryker Infantry Carrier Vehicle that has been refitted with a laser and electronic countermeasures that can track and disable drones. The Stryker can use jammers and other electronic countermeasures to interrupt a drone's control signal or even force it to...
  3. SteveMann

    Laser Incidents - statistics

    A recent post by LuvMyTJ (do I even want to know what a TJ is?) led me to researching laser pointer incidents. As many of the regulars here know I have a boilerplate response to the press listing things people should worry about with drone accidents being the last. Here's what I found. There are...