landing pad

  1. A

    Found Screen Out Of Old Flat Screen TV To Use As A Landing Pad

    I found this screen from an old projection flat screen television set to use as a landing mat until I can get a decent one, all I have to do is paint it up a bit since it is clear and might interfere with the camera's internal signals, its a decent size and heavy too.
  2. owen35

    Launch / Landing Pad

    I came into a rather Large amount of Macrolon, it's like Plexiglass except way better. It's almost impossible to break. I was trying to think of a way to use some of it, and I was thinking about making something to launch and land my Phantom 3 pro. I made this prototype just to work through...
  3. dparkins

    Helipads / Landing Pads

    My first drone landing pad. Two door mats, yellow duct tape, and Anco clips to hold it together (at the fold) when I store it. Helps keep the weeds out of the props and the sand and dirt from flying during landings and take-offs. Mats = $16.00, tape = $4.00, protecting my P4 = priceless!
  4. NUfan

    Nice $25 field table/helipad

    Found this nice folding tailgate table at Wally World for $25. So far I have only living room tested it, but looks like it will work great. It weighs about 25lbs, so should not get blown around if you use it as a helipad I also like that the height is adjustable so it can be kept low. They cone...