1. OOO

    Broken Heart

    Dear Friends Due to some health related issues I haven't been able to post any video in the past year. The footage was recorded with P4P from multiple locations in the last 6 months. All clips were corrected for exposure but no other color correction/grading was applied. Please watch in 4K. I...
  2. B

    Drone Tour - Lake Lure & Chimney Rock, North Carolina

    Flew over the area over the weekend. I liked the reaction from the crowd on top of Chimney Rock lol. Perfect day to fly.
  3. B

    Drone Tour - Dupont Forrest, NC & Bald Rock, SC

    A brief tour of the mountains of NC/SC, including Dupont Forrest, where "The Hunger Games" was filmed. I'm still working on my color grading skills. The first half not so good, but gets a little better later!