1. Jrods

    Jerky video help

    I am sure that my problem is technique related but, I have notice this on videos that other have made. I have also noticed that some folks can make the course correction and it appears very fluid and stable. When making a small course correction the video quickly makes a move with the direction...
  2. D

    P3 Pro gimbal wobble and jerk

    I was out flying yesterday and a problem that happened once in a while started happening more often. Every so often my gimbal suddenly jerks down and to the left. It happened a lot yesterday, and this was the first time I was using the polar pro filters. I've read other posts on this issue...
  3. S

    POI jerkyness on the P4!

    Hi, Just got my P4 last week, as a backup to my Tarot 680 Pro with DJI E800 propulsion and Naza V2. Tried the POI feature today for the first time, but was sadly disappointed when I watched the video... The motion of the circle is not smooth, you can clearly see the yaw being adjusted every so...
  4. D

    Twitchy, erratic flight.

    Hey all, new to the forum and I look forward to learning all about my P2+ Got an issue... I picked up some generic white props on the other day and now my bird is flying very erratically, not able to hold a position, twitching in the air and even wanting to ascend without any input...
  5. fabbio

    Question for phantom-Videomakers: jerky 4K footage

    Dears, I don't know if someone already solved this problem, but sometimes I have jerky/stuttering 4K footage from my P3P as if some frames were not recorded at all. Problems are right into the original file taken from the bird, so naturally also in the relative Apple ProRes 422 converted ones...

    Jerky POI shooting in 24fps

    I was trying out some POI at the weekend shooting 1080 24fps when i watched it back on my laptop the panning round was very jerky ive done a little bit of POI in 60fps and that was fine. In conclusion am I correct in saying doing POI or yawing fairly quickly in 24fps will produce a jerky shot?