jerky video

  1. Paulie1340

    P3S Video Caching?

    I was having a problem with jerky(stop, delay, start) video. Someone suggested I turn on video caching. So I did. I don't have jerky video anymore. Can anyone tell me where I can read up on what video caching means in context of the P3S. How it works and why it solved my problem? (The more...
  2. T

    Why is my video jerky

    After exchanging for another at Sams Club this one does the same. Jerky playback on the computer reading off the card. Any ideas? Thanks
  3. S

    POI jerkyness on the P4!

    Hi, Just got my P4 last week, as a backup to my Tarot 680 Pro with DJI E800 propulsion and Naza V2. Tried the POI feature today for the first time, but was sadly disappointed when I watched the video... The motion of the circle is not smooth, you can clearly see the yaw being adjusted every so...
  4. A

    All My video is "jerky"

    I changed to MP4 and have watched several camera setting tutorials and I looked through manual and all the help questions here but can't find an answer. My P4 is brand new. The stills are fine but the video is very jerky. It's like it is taking a picture every 3 or 4 seconds and very little...