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    Drones, Jeeps, Toyota trucks and desert

  2. Skyer

    Follow the (little) Jeep - Phantom 3 Advanced

    Happy weekend! There’s no better way to enjoy a sunny winter’s day than off-roading with the family. Taking a break from cinematic landscapes, here’s a short aerial view of the fun: Thanks for watching!
  3. Joshua Horn

    Skiing Through the Southern Snowpocalypse

    Just posted my first drone edit.... Having some fun in this weekend's snow with a Jeep, some old skis, and my Phantom 3 Standard. When a blizzard drops a whopping 2" of snow in North Carolina, many of us hunker down with a good supply of milk, bread and eggs. Some of us dig out some 30 year...
  4. Skyer

    Winter Is Coming - Phantom 3 Advanced

    Happy 2017 everyone! Before autumn was officially over, the first snow fall brought beautiful sights, and the premise of a cold snowy winter. After the holiday break I finally got a chance to edit this footage, which includes a little off-roading/droning in the snow towards the end of the...
  5. NotARubicon

    Flying in Moab, Utah ?

    Will be spending the next week in Utah, mostly Moab doing some quality Jeeping and hopefully flying the P3A, but not sure where I can, or cannot fly .. I know that the national parks/forests are off limits.. and i'm guessing that official (Utah) state parks are also off-limits.. Guessing that...
  6. wphillips4947

    Exploring Moab Utah, Spring 2016

    Comments and criticism welcome!
  7. NotARubicon

    65 Jeeps at California's Largest Lake

    Over the weekend I led a group of 78 Jeeps on a tour of some of the interesting spots at Salton Sea. 65 of them lined up to make a giant "SOS" (Save Our Sea) on the shore. Looked awesome from the air:
  8. NotARubicon

    Offroad near Joshua Tree, California

    Did some off-roading in the Old Dale Mining District near Joshua Tree National Park. I think it was a bit too overcast for the ND filter I had, but also looking for any other constructive criticism.
  9. NotARubicon

    Crashed P3A.. Pilot walked away alive..

    Was filming an extreme Jeeper going up a near-impossible obstacle in the hills above Calico, CA.. I was about 500 yards away and did not judge the distance to the canyon wall behind the bird and drifted right into it.. The P3 is in one piece and other than broken props and a slightly bend...
  10. NotARubicon

    Boiling mud pots, drones, and Jeeps

    I got tired of flying and shooting video of my neighborhood so I picked up the phone, called a few friends with Jeeps and took them all for a drive down to the largest lake in California and checked out it's boiling mud-pots and abandoned Navy Base.