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    JACKSONVILLE, FL Best Flying Areas And Photographic Skills

    Hello! I have a P3A and was wondering if anyone lived I Jacksonville, FL? I am looking for some awesome places to fly and other places that I can get nice images or videos? Thanks, Tyler! *Posted before with little response*
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    P3A Places to Fly in Jacksonville, FL

    Hello, I have had my P3A for about a year now and love all that it offers. I was wondering if anybody knew of some really good places to fly the drone in Jacksonville, FL. I have flown at the beach many times and once over the river. Any advice on cool places to fly in JAX? Thanks, Tyler
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    Another Noob into the Drone Space

    Hello Everyone! New P4 owner here from Jacksonville, Florida. Being old and cautious, I spent several weeks building up to the big event by learning to fly a couple of mini drones: Predator HS170s by Holy Stone, to be precise. I highly recommend this approach; the cheap mini drones (mine were...
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    JACKSONVILLE, FL Best Flying Areas

    I live in Jacksonville, FL and I have a P3A! I was wondering what are the BEST flying spots around Jacksonville.? What places to are the coolest to see? I would love to fly in different places! Thanks,