itelite dbs

  1. Biblekan

    FS:Phantom 4 with ITE-DBS(maxx) mod and more

    Hi, I am looking to upgrade my P4 so this is for sale. Phantom 4 with modded controller(DBS) I am willing to ship at buyer's expense, but definitely negotiable. Thanks for looking, -Kano
  2. P

    Hello from CO

    Great knowledge base here everyone! Colorado has a lot of beautiful things to film by air and I"m having a blast with my phantom 3. I've modified my phantom with the ITELITE DBS antenna mod so I really enjoy pushing the range! I have a small and very unimpressive youtube channel under...
  3. respibob

    First flight with Itelite DBS mod

    I know there are a lot of these videos on here but this one is mine! Now to be honest I was getting 3000 feet before the mod. But with my first flight with the mod I went >10,000 feet and still had signal but not enough you go!
  4. DividedSky

    ITELITE DBS Mod - need some help

    All, I've been doing research in this forum (so glad I found it, love all the resources) about increasing range, and based on my very novice opinion, I think I want to use the ITELITE DBS Mod for my P3S. I've watched a few videos and am pretty sure I'll screw something up. Are there companies...
  5. P


    Hey guys, I recently went to best buy and bought a lowe pro carrying case for my drone and remote. Love the case and everything was setup like i want it. My issue was that it didn't fit my custom remote that has the range maxx hooked up to it. I don't want a case that requires me to dismount...
  6. Zeprider

    itelite Signal Degradation

    I'm dismayed at the results of my first distance flight. Watch video and observe RC and Lightbridge signals. This is just over 3/4 miles distance @ 98ft altitude over a flat field @ coordinates 26.135883, -80.432222. I forgot to cache the map before going into airplane mode on my Galaxy Note 4...
  7. JakeMaxxUAV

    Official P4 Range Leaderboard

    This leaderboard is sponsored by Maxx UAV. For all your signal and range improvement needs, check out USA Customers: Canada Customers: Europe Customers: Each store ships world wide! I will keep this list maintained. If you would like to be added...
  8. Mr.Spock

    ITElite DBS antenna mod - Does it relay make any difference in rage?

    I have installed the ITElite DBS antenna and I flew with the mod today, I use to get 1.5 Km distance at 71 Meters height with the factory omnidirectional DJI antennas. I went the same route same height today but with the Itelite DBS and at the same point (as in the past with the factory...