ipod touch

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    Limited flight using IPod touch

    Soooooo, this kind of has been making me mad. The new firmware update states that if you are not connected to the app during flight, you will be limited to a certain amount of feet for flight distance. But if you are using an iPod touch, how are you supposed to be connected to wifi (so you can...
  2. L

    Charging ipod touch from controller

    I'm sure I read that the controller will charge whatever device is being used as a screen while connected to it. When I first connect my Ipod Touch (G6) it shows it is being charged but after about 20 minutes of flying I get a low battery warning on it. Is this normal?
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    DJI Go App work with iPod Touch?

    The specs for the Phantom 3 Standard say that the DJI Go App requires iOS and then it lists compatibility with a bunch of iPhone and iPad devices. Does anyone know if the DJI Go app works on an iPod Touch (version 8.4.1)?