ipad air

  1. Charly Alpha

    iPad Air 1

    Hi folks I'm just about to buy P4 Pro , will my iPad Air 1 be ok, and will I need some sort of larger holder ? Many thanks
  2. J

    New sun shield/launch pad for Ipad

    Hi all, i'm a UK based photographer. I've been toying around with my Phantom 3 Advanced for a while and have always found the sun shields you can buy for the ipad air totally useless so i've invented my own called the 'Sunbox'! It's here on Kickstarter: Sunbox - ipad screen drone sunshade It's...
  3. K

    Phantom 3 iPad Air Mount

    Hello, I'm looking for a mount for my iPad Air for the Phantom 3 Standard controller in this style. I've only found it for the iPad Mini so far. http://www.amazon.com/Justoshop-Printing-Controller-Mounting-Standard/dp/B01ASXJFA4 Has anyone seen this style mount for the 9.7 iPad Air? I think...
  4. S

    Sun Shade for 9.7" Tablets (iPad Air Size)

    I am getting an iPad Pro 9.7" to fly with and need a recommendation for a quality sun shade that will fit. It is the same size as the iPad Air with a 9.7" Screen. I do not like the sun shades with suction cups on the back, the back should be rigid. I would appreciate any suggestions you have.
  5. rcheing

    DIY: iPad Air Ghetto Starbucks Sunshade :-D

    I live in sunny South Florida which makes it hard to see the screen of my tablet because of the glare. I've also been too cheap to purchase one of the plastic sunshades seen around Amazon. Anyway, I usually purchase my coffee at Costco and I noticed the inside width of the Starbucks box is...