1. Realestatepro82

    Hello From Palm Beach Florida!

    Hi Everyone Carlos here! Real estate broker by trade but tech nerd at heart... currently own a Phantom 4 V 2.0, a Mavic Air, and a Tello Drone. Found this site while doing some research the other day and noticed tons of great info being shared so decided to become a member! Anyone else in...
  2. M


    Hello all. Just wanted to stop by and say hello to everyone for my first post. My P4P came in the mail today and I hope to be in the air soon. Looking forward to great discussion. Mike
  3. D

    New to the Phantom scene

    Hello all, I am new to the Phantom and Drone scene in general. Just posting as an introduction in general. I have currently purchased a Phantom 3 Standard through the recent discounts on refurbished models. I think it was a great deal, as the drone I received seemed to be in brand new...
  4. L

    New to this forum from beautiful NE Ohio!

    Hi all, I have a P4 and am hoping for a sunny spring to get out and fly! I have been a GIS/RS Specialist for 20 years and am hoping to integrate the drone into my GIS work. I am interested in terrain models, surface models and orthoimagery along with general videography and still capture...
  5. MiamiDroneFlights

    Miami Drone Flights says Hello

    I wish to introduce myself to the PhantomPilots community. While new to the community, Not new to Drones. I wanted to thank for getting me through the newbie phase of my hobby. I wanted to let every benefit from my experiences as a nube. I made three grievous mistake in my...
  6. kubbfan61

    Hello from sunny San Diego!

    Just want to introduce myself. I am from sunny San Diego. New to piloting. Bought a DJI P3P online two days before DJI dropped the price. Called the store and they credited me the difference. Opened the box, charged the batteries and the remote but never had time to even put the props on. When I...
  7. F

    Punta Gorda Florida Just Starting Out

    Hi Everyone. I just purchased a P3A and just getting started. I have always been intrigued with mechanical tech devices and drones are so cool. I am wondering if their are many drone owners in the area and where they fly. As a "newbie", I know that I would learn a lot from more experienced...