1. Infidel0007

    My diy dji p3 mounted EMP generator

    My DIY EMP (electromagnetic pulse generator) In theory, pulse of L Band (1 to 2 GHz) and S Band (2 to 4 GHz) microwave energy to disrupt the electronics of the target enemy drone. Is this regulated in anyway? Ready to start field testing..
  2. Jthomp

    All Drone lights went out on night flight

    P3S Drone was at about 150 - 200 feet altitude nearly straight up from launch point on a night photo flight over my town tonight. It had been in the air about 5-7 minutes on a fully-charged battery, flying in "P" mode, and holding position in a slight wind via GPS. Suddenly ALL the lights on...
  3. D

    Flying near wastewater treatment plant?

    So I had a little flyaway type incident today while flying my P3S over a river. Crazy amounts of interference and I can't think of anything that might cause it. No cell towers in sight (At least that I could see or find on google maps), or anywhere near enough to location to cause issues. I...
  4. J

    Is it dangerous to fly here?

    Is it dangerous to fly here? Hi all, I am new to the forum and am looking for some advise. I am in the military (South Africa) and am planning to get some aerial shots at the upcoming Navy festival. Obviously at the end of the festival I would very much like to have my P3 in good (non crashed)...
  5. S

    p3 advanced random death spiral... interference ?

    My phantom 3 advanced was flying perfectly normal for its first two flights, everything was great and It was steady as a rock. The 3rd flight however, it began as a normal flight, then suddenly after about 5 minutes of flying, it randomly took a hard left and began spinning and losing altitude...
  6. Reymer_cvx

    No GPS when remote turned on

    Crashed my phantom 2 the other day at low height since then i havnt been able to get gps sattilies with the remote turned on, with the remote off it shows 10 sattilites on the fpv screen untill i turn remote on then drops straight to 0 satilites. any ideas?