intelligent flight

  1. Henrik Olsen

    Active Track In-depth Tutorial

    Active Track is one of the coolest features from DJI This flight mode will help you record cinematic footage. I made this Tutorial showing the different options under Active Track including how to use them and get the best out of it NB! yes I know it's a Mavic in video, but it should cover...
  2. B

    Multiple Flight Mode switch doesn't show at all

    Dear All, I recently purchased a Phantom 3 Standard and I was looking forward to test the intelligent flight modes such as the follow me and waypoint flight. But no matter how many guides I read or videos I watch I always find myself stuck on the same point: when I open the advanced options on...
  3. Deep6

    P3P software updates, will they include new flight modes like the P4 has?

    On the surface it looks like some of the new features of the P4 may just be software based and could be applied to the P3P. Does DJI have a history of adding flight modes to "older" products with future software updates? Why couldn't the follow me object tracking work with the P3? Or the...