intelligent flight mode

  1. TomK-VA

    P4 in Simulation mode - no Intelligent Flight Mode

    I am surprised that this hasn't been widely reported, unless I'm just unlucky. Briefly: After the May update (or thereabouts) the Intelligent Flight Mode icon (left margin of the screen) disappeared. I opened a ticket with DJI and they say something like it was/will be submitted to the...
  2. matsarg

    Quickshot for Phantom 4?

    Today DJI introduced us to the Spark, and with it a new intelligent flight mode called Quickshot. This are cinematic shot movements called "rocket", "helix", "dronie" and "circle". Will this be available for the Phantom 4? Anyone have any info on this?
  3. Henrik Olsen

    Active Track In-depth Tutorial

    Active Track is one of the coolest features from DJI This flight mode will help you record cinematic footage. I made this Tutorial showing the different options under Active Track including how to use them and get the best out of it NB! yes I know it's a Mavic in video, but it should cover...
  4. J

    PHANTOM 4 PRO - Intelligent Flight Modes EXPLAINED

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  5. R

    Epic Active Track (P4)

    So I didn't realize that the Active Track was as accurate as it is on the P4. Anyone else able to track this well with their P4? Might go to the P4P if it's any better.
  6. W

    New Phantom 3 Advaced But no Intelligent Flight Mode?

    I got a brand new phantom 3 advanced with the latest firmware however I could not seem to find the switch on button to turn on intelligent flight mode in the advanced settings. I've seen somewhere that I need to update my firmware to a older version V01.4.0010 to get to use the intelligent...
  7. C

    Critical Error During Flight

    Attempted to use the follow me function on P3S. While attempting several different times in different locations follow me follows for a few feet then stops. All lights go solid red on PS3 (critical error) and does not continue follow me. I can maintain normal flight control by flipping switch...