intelligent flight battery

  1. iflyskyhigh

    *Sold* DJI Phantom 3 Pro w/ 4 Intelligent Flight Batteries iPad mini 2 64GB *SOLD*

    $850 ($1000 w/ iPad mini see below) DJI Phantom 3 Pro 4 DJI OEM Intelligent Flight batteries 2 Sets DJI OEM props DJI OEM iPhone sunshade DJI OEM iPad mini sunshade Polar Pro Landing Gear Polar Pro Gimbal Guard Polar Pro Lens Cover Polar Pro 6 ND Filter Set ND Filter Set carrying case Remote...
  2. D

    Intelligent Battery Phantom4 Push and hold?

    I was using my battery for a flashlight (yeah, I know right) and noticed that if you hold the battery button in for 5 seconds while not in the aircraft it blinks a few times.. Anybody know what this does? reset something? kick it into discharge? reset auto storage timer ?
  3. B

    Phantom 4 battery for sale

    I just got a Phantom 3 Standard and ordered a 2nd battery from DJI but the battery that came is a Phantom 4 battery. Emailed DJI and they said to get the battery back to them within 3 days or they wouldn't give me a refund. Now that would have cost me a little over $100 to ship from where I am...