inspire 2

  1. kemzo

    Inspire 2 Huge Kit with X5S $5000

    Looking sell this Kit locally around NJ, NY, and PA.
  2. BaliDroneproduction

    Hello from indonesia

    Hello Guys, My name is Arnaud, basically I am a french IT engineer but 5 years ago I decided to make my own drone service company. So I moved to Indonesia and made my first company BaliDroneProduction specialized in Aerial Videography and photography service. I started with a simple phantom 3...
  3. A-A-Ron

    Inspire 2 Package for sale

    Selling my Inspire 2 bundle: Excellent condition and all around amazing drone! Has about 9 hours on it. Comes with the Xenmuse X4s with ND8 polar filter, 3 batteries, sunshade for ipad, lightning connector cable to connect controller to ipad, extra propellers, upgraded thumb rocker sticks for...
  4. Alex Assenmacher

    Three years using DJI products

    Hi guys, I'm back here :), I've done a short sum up of my experiences with all DJI products. Do you agree with what I say? Hehe hope you like the video! thanks for watching
  5. tml4191

    DJI Unveiled A New Zenmuse X7 Camera & Carbon Fiber Built Lenses

    DJI Introcudes the Zenmuse X7 Lens System! - WeTalkUAV
  6. B

    A New Datalink 3 Remote from DJI.

    A DJI remote on steriods. It is currently being tested for the Chinese market. Personally, I like the remotes that come with the P 4. However, you can't deny the extra addition to this remote.
  7. We Talk UAV

    P4 Pro and P4 Cameras Get the Once Over From DxOMark

    For the serious photographer, you may know already who DxOMark is. For those who don't, they test cameras for high standards of quality. In fact, you may say they are the gold standard for camera reviewers. The Phantom 4, Phantom 4 Pro as well as the Inspire 2 cameras get the once over by this...
  8. We Talk UAV

    DJI Drones Noise Test

  9. Neary Aerial

    Phantom 4 Pro Crash Coverage

    Crash coverage for the Phantom 4 Pro has been added to the website. We have also added Inspire 2 coverage. Protect yourself from everything except loss with NO DEDUCTIBLE!! Click here: Neary Aerial Media
  10. We Talk UAV

    DJI Inspire 2 X4S vs X5S ultimate in-depth camera comparison

    So, here is the deal. DJI comes out with the Inspire 2 which of course has two different cameras that you can purchase. Descriptions on the product don't always give the most accurate assessment which is why I was looking for a good camera comparitive video. On this video, both cameras X4S and...
  11. P

    Mavic Pro, Phantom 4 Pro+, and Inspire 2 Premium in Stock

    DJI Store in Virgina has received Mavic Pro, Phantom 4 Pro+ and Inspire 2 Premium shipments. Limited quantities available. Ship in 1 business day.
  12. We Talk UAV

    6 Facts DJI Didn’t Tell You About Phantom 4 Pro and Inspire 2

    It was bound to happen, the inevitable comparisons between the Phantom 4 Pro and the Inspire 2. With all the recent updates of the Inspire and the Phantom 4, one of the biggest factor is the camera. Both Phantom 4 Pro and Inspire 2 now can shoot a timelapse with minimum interval between the...
  13. We Talk UAV

    Inspire 2 or Phantom 4 Pro- Five Reasons Not To Buy An Inspire 2.

    The Inspire 2, which made its debut in November 2016, is the second generation of the Inspire 1. The Inspire 1, for the record, is a mighty machine but hasn’t had any significant updates since 2014. The new Inspire 2 looks very impressive with a bunch of new cool features and awesome camera...
  14. We Talk UAV

    Phantom 4 Vs. Phantom 4 Professional-What is known.

    Time to compare the Phantom 4 Pro vs Phantom 4. It has been only 8 month since DJI announced their bestseller Phantom 4 and already we see the release of the Phantom 4 Pro. A lot of folks expected it to be Phantom 5 next March but DJI released the update on the middle of November which begs to...
  15. We Talk UAV

    The anticipation of the Phantom 4 Professional.

    Just looking at the Phantom 4 Professional. Looks like it is going really give the serious photographer something to work with. I guess what is most impressive for me is how the monitor will be now part of the remote set up. Personally, I applaud this addition and can't wait to see what the...
  16. We Talk UAV

    DJI Inspire 2 and Phantom 4 Pro Are Finally Here!

    There is exciting news from the world leader in consumer and pro level drone technology. DJI Technology is introducing two brand new drones: Phantom 4 Pro and Inspire 2. Both of the drones are opening a new page in the Aerial Imaging and drone technology. The Inspire 2 is a pro level flying...
  17. thedjtec

    DJI November 15th Event Announcement Video

    So DJI just updated their home page to include this announcement video titled "Control/Create" Check it out by clicking here! You can also see it on their homepage: DJI - The Future Of Possible It is November 15th at 11:30AM Pacific Standard Time :) What do you all think it is? My bet is a DJI...