1. ibewdallas

    just getting Started...West Texas Oil Field

    very excited about learning to fly, Hoping to venture into a career change as I get older and hopefully wiser. I have flown a mavic pro and a Inspir 1 under the supervision of a 107 pilot. I loved it! looking for others who I can learn from and just enjoy the ride (from the ground of course). I...
  2. G


    I'm wondering if anyone would be willing to share PDFs of their safety checklist/SOPs with me? We are in the process of developing ours and I'd like some good examples to work off of. We will mostly be using our P4P for orthomosaics, DSMs, and inspections. Thanks!
  3. AdamDNA

    DJI Phantom 4 for Building Inspections

    I have compiled recent footage of multiple building inspections performed with the P4! The clarity is amazing.
  4. I

    Domestic Roof Inspection Rates

    Hey there fellow drone enthusiasts! I am looking at starting my own residential roof inspections business to check for things such as clogged gutters, dirty solar panels, crumbled chimneys etc etc. How much would you experienced people charge for such a service? I really see true potential in...
  5. A

    Using Phantom 4 Pro for Inspections and commercial jobs

    Hi Everyone, I'm starting a drone service business and looking to buy a P4 Pro. I'll be mainly doing inspection on roofs, cell towers, pipelines and possibly power lines. But will be starting off slow to gain experience and momentum. Would the P4 Pro suffice for these applications and do a...
  6. David Cooke

    Life Expectancy of a P4

    Just got my shiny new Phantom4 last week and today I had a "chat" with dji support . . apparently not tech support . . there seems to be no such thing. I asked what the maintenance schedule was for the P4 . . what to look for . . motor lubrication, cleaning, inspections etc. He basically...