1. B

    Gimbal not completing initilization

    My P4P+ has been flying fine for the last 18 months with no problems. Today when starting up, the gimbal started initializing but has gotten hung up in the initial sequence and just moves up and down through the entire vertical motion, back and forth, without end. It won’t complete...
  2. Newt59

    Help Please Gimbal Repair Crazy

    I rebuilt the gimbal arm after a major crash. New arm components and ribbon cable. I Still have some work to do on craft itself, but powered it on to test gimbal operation. Camera is jumping all over. Spins and beeps. Now I have many years as an electronics tech servicing high end Canon...
  3. D

    P3A Gimbal Won't Initilize

    I have done a lot of successful flights, but today when I tried to power on, my gimbal would not stabilize. It appears it can't assume the horizontal position. It tries to initialize on a 45 degree angle, like something is broken. I don't know how anything broke as it flew successfully...