1. U

    Central / Northern Kentucky / Southern Ohio / Indiana

    Hey all! I'm living in Lexington, flying a Phantom 3 SE. I love the drone, although I've not had many chances to fly it. I was hoping to meet other drone pilots and get tips on how to fly, as well as good places to capture footage. I managed to get some footage on the Kentucky River a few weeks...
  2. A


  3. AngAvestruz

    Droning Indianapolis, Indiana!

    I traveled to Indy with the Droning America crew to meet up with sports host Larra Overton and local drone pilots Aerial Imaging Resources! We checked out everything the Circle City has to offer from an aerial perspective. Really loved the sports culture in Indy and of course the International...
  4. respibob

    Tour of where I live

    I haven't been able to fly much lately due to the rainy cold weather here in Southern Indiana but I was able to get out today. I made a little narrated video. Hope you like it. If not, oh well, it was fun to fly today!
  5. EthanS

    Carmel/Westfield Flyers

    If anyone would like to fly/meetup (weather permitting) Please let me know or send me a message. Some what new to the drone scene and would love to talk and share experiences. -Ethan P3
  6. BSparks

    First project learning with Adobe Suite with P4

    Hey everyone!, can you please take a gander at this one and leave me some feedback. Last video i posted was 8 minutes long lol and alot of people said i need to keep it at 2 minutes tops, so thats what i did lol. Thanks i really appreciate you all.
  7. BSparks

    153 Acres in the Hills of Brown County, Indiana P4

    Please let me know what you think, its my first one!
  8. respibob

    Patoka Lake, Indiana

    Just some shots I got this morning at Patoka Lake Reservoir near where I live. My amateur photography is just for fun! I added the video I made as well.
  9. D

    Indianapolis Drone Repair

    Hi, My name is Daniel Smirnov with Smirnov's Computer Repair located in Carmel. I'm an Informatics Major, have consistently been on the Dean's list, and am TestOut PC Pro Certified. We've been repairing and building all types of tech for years. Be it drones, printers, TV's, computers, you...
  10. Patrick Conner

    Pictures I got the other night.. Via Phantom 4 in Muncie, Indiana

    Hope you like...
  11. sethmote

    P3P Captures Tornado !!!!!!!

    Hey guys! Just wanted to share this footage I captured with my P3P of a tornado here in Indiana on 8/15/16. Add us on snap to see all of our behind the scenes coverage of events!!!
  12. respibob

    Pete Dye Golf Course in French Lick, Indiana

    Still getting the hang of this video/editing stuff. I am having a lot of fun though. Recently purchased the Litchi and the DJI Ulitmate Flight apps. Going to try those out soon (weather isn't cooperating here in Southern Indiana this weekend)
  13. H

    Indianapolis, Indiana - Phantom 3 experts???? Need Training

    I am looking to meet-up with anyone who is an expert with their Phantom 3. I am purchasing a Phantom 3 Advance it would be nice to have a hands on training with someone/people. Only so much you can get from Youtube videos.