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    VR goggles with Mavic Pro

    Goggles are no doubt the best FPV solution for flying a drone in strong daylight (rather than putting your head inside a big square sun-blocking box...). It is also more fun to use because the viewing angle is much larger. The current best solution (which I currently use with my Phantom) is a...
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    Immersion RC help!

    Hello everyone, I recently bought a phantom 2 with a h4-3d gimbal along with an immersion rc 600mW transmitter and a black pearl monitor. First I tried soldering the wires for the immersion and I wasn't getting a great signal at all (first time soldering) and the transmitter eventually just...
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    Choppy Video on FPV - Less than 20cm Away!

    Help!!! My FPV kit isn't working... GoPro and Black Pearl are both in NTSC... Right channels on TX and RX... New Immersion RC antenna (with Immersion RC 600mw TX) to try fix the problem.... But I still get choppy screen... Advice, is the Tx faulty?
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    Immersion TX Sudden Failure?

    Setup: DJI Phantom 2 DJI iOSD Immersion TX 600mw (Immersion RC antenna) DJI Zenmuse H4-3D GoPro Hero 4 Black FlySight Black Pearl 32ch Receiver LCD (antenna provided) Plug+Play Wire I have used this setup reliably for about 6 months on and off. Put my kit away in the shed for ~ 2 months...