1. Pharm

    Am I the only idiot here?

    Let me begin by saying that I'm not stupid. In fact, I'm extremely intelligent (and modest ;)). My IQ has been measured somewhere above 70 in fact. Anyway, today after flying, I put one of my two batteries on the charger (the cooler of the two). An hour or so later I returned and was surprised...
  2. D

    Shocking disregard for the law - London Flight

    Admittedly, it is an amazing video and very well edited. However, its possible the worst disregard for law / peoples safety I have ever seen. This video has made it into the London papers, so no doubt the CAA are aware. I hope the pilot (Paul John Raptis) is fined heavily...
  3. D

    Another Idiot Pilot

    Crashed into the back of the Uk's most iconic train just after it had been refurbished: Flying Scotsman stunned as iconic train struck by DRONE following £4.2m revamp