1. G

    Phantom 3 Professional , Need high dev. picture of mainboard a broken mainboard ( Identify SMT ) .. :)

    Hello there :blush: I have a Phantom 3 Professional. She currently does not start because I had a nice landing in the water :) I do forensic data recovery for water damaged devices and was able to replace every defective part except one. Would you please help me with a high definition picture...
  2. spiritburner

    Trying to identify model of Drone

    The other day I was given a Phantom unopened box with a untouched drone in it, it was a present for someone who apparently didn't want it, well i am a landscape and surveying photographer and would very much like some help in identifying which model phantom it is, I think it is a 1 , Its brand...
  3. B

    Help Identify Controller Antenna & Display

    Good Morning All - I recently purchased a Phantom 3 Standard which I love. If there was some kind of well priced trade-in program, I would probably upgrade to the Advanced version. The only things which have bugged me about the drone are the range and the fact the app isn't that stable on my...