1. Foggy Boise Morning

    Foggy Boise Morning

  2. H

    McCall, Idaho in the Winter

    Here are a couple of clips from a snowy Idaho trip.
  3. Snow Covered Trees - Drone

    Snow Covered Trees - Drone

    A bird's eye view of snow covered trees near McCall, Idaho.
  4. Maddy

    Coeur d Alene Lake sunset in Idaho

    The smoke and haze is finally gone from our region and was able to capture the sunset that I've been waiting for!
  5. M

    Chinese Peak (left), Pocatello, Idaho, today

  6. furthertofly

    All that remains of the '54 Fremont County incident....

    medium resolution jpeg version; hdr.
  7. B

    Idaho Drone Ban

    Hello from Idaho. I'm a new drone owner, as of two weeks ago. Today I discovered Idaho State Law 21-213. It appears to make all drone photography illegal. Which is typically my luck in life. Anyone familiar with this have any insight to share? ...or know anyone who wants to buy a very...