1. S

    hovering at 30 cm above ground using litchi (way point mode)

    Hi. i recently installed Litchi for using the way points feature. when i plan the mission with the litchi hub i set: "staying for 5 seconds" above every point at a altitude of 0.3 meter. i tried different altitudes below 1 meter and still when i run the mission my P4A is hovering at 2 meter...
  2. Don Dan

    Litchi - hovering for a long time before RTH

    I flew my P3S today for about 1km before I lost connection. I couldn't even see it anymore, and I waited, and waited, and waited, till the point that I didn't think I'd get it back. Then when I was about to get in my car to go and look for it, I heard the humming noise above my head, and it came...
  3. FlyerFocus

    Fell From the Sky--Prop Spun Off?

    I have some of those hairline stress cracks. Not sure if that has anything to with this but I doubt it. I had already called DJI and told them about the cracks, which the support rep insisted was cosmetic and does not effect flight. I was also having a problem artifacts/ripples in my videos...