1. K

    My P3P will not hover after crash. IMU/compass has been recalibrated several times HELP before I just dump it!

    So there was this very cool shelf cloud near my house. I went up just straight and got a fairly decent picture of it, but for one reason or another, I landed and then thought I would go back up and get video. Well, this was one fast-moving storm and the next thing you know my P3P was out of my...
  2. KB_Colorado

    P4P Flies slow, wont hover

    I have had my P4P for a few weeks, up till now now issues. I went out to fly this morning and had issues; the copter flew extremely slow (both horiz. and vert). Were talking 2-3 MPH. I tries speed mode and it went up a few, but still slow. Also the copter would not hover, it kept dropping...
  3. R

    Backyard RTH settings?

    I'm wondering what the best RTH setting would be for me when flying in the relatively small area of my backyard? When flying in the yard the drone is never more than about 120 feet from the takeoff home point. There are trees that I both fly under and above, and I'll put it over my house as...
  4. J

    PHANTOM 4 PRO vs. PHANTOM 4 - Hover Test

  5. We Talk UAV

    Introducing the Hover Camera Drone. Modern Day Titanic Stabilization Disaster.

    Hover camera Image Quality and Stabilization review. As most of you know Hover Camera is a brand new drone/toy/camera. After a long shipping delay we finally got our Hover. Those who doesn’t know what is Hover camera can check out this article first:
  6. SoCalDude

    Do all modes provide hover?

    Do all modes on the P4 provide automatic hovering capability? Is there a mode where I would have to manually maintain altitude and position?
  7. H

    Litchi Waypoints not 'Stay' ing

    Hey guys I tried to search and see if there was another thread but I don't see one with the specific questions so I'm going to try a new thread. I've been having pretty good success using litchi on my new P3 standard to set up Waypoint missions that are a bit out of range to film some cool...
  8. R

    Little Wobbley on my first flight?

    OK so took my little baby up on its maiden flight. Calibrated the compass, had 7-8 satellites , on beginner mode. Just was testing the basics on my flight abilities. Noticed though when she hovered a wobble developed. I was not inputting any commands with the R/C. The wobble was within about a 3...
  9. T

    Check out Hover, the must have app for drone pilots!

    Hey guys, If you don’t already have your “go-to” mobile app for no-fly zones, flight logs, news, or weather, I encourage you to check out Hover. Available for free on iOS and Android, it provides all the tools you need to navigate the airspace safely and legally. Over 42,000 recreational and...