hong kong

  1. Zen Ho

    Dragon Boat Race 2019

    Dragon boat race around HK every year, Mavic 2 is the best drone to handle all the track and trace, flying in between the dragon boats, feel like you are in the race~
  2. Zen Ho

    Sky Corridor

    Kai Kung Leng, one of the most beautiful hiking trail in Hong Kong northern area
  3. W

    Parts p4p in HongKong

    hi My son in in Hong Kong Anyon know where to buy dji parts in HK except Dji store ? Where prices are almost same as locally Cheers
  4. Zen Ho

    Stone Forest.Wo Yang Shan

    Wo Yang Shan, Hong Kong
  5. Zen Ho

    Standing on the Edge.Lantau Peak

    Lantau Peak, Hong Kong
  6. Zen Ho

    Mountain Castle.West Buffalo Hill

    Stone castle on top of buffalo hill
  7. Zen Ho

    Suicide Cliff.Kowloon Peak

    Vertical slope on top of Kowloon Peak, amazing view of Hong Kong City
  8. Zen Ho

    Aqua Wonders.Wang Chau

    Wang Chau, located in eastern district in Hong Kong sea area, full of stunning tubular rock columns and sea caves!
  9. Zen Ho

    Prairie in the sky

    DJI Phantom 4 Advanced - Kai Kung Leng Prairie in the sky, one of the highest mountain in northern Hong Kong, barely find a tree on the mountain, giving the hiker 360 degree wide view of northern territory.
  10. Zen Ho

    Marine Ecology Treasure

    Hoi Ha Wan, Hong Kong
  11. Zen Ho

    Spectacular Landform - Ninepin Group

    The Ninepin Group LLC features hexagonal vertical rhyolite columns, the volcanic rock resulting from a volcanic eruption near Sai Kung about 140 million years ago. Ninepin Group is extremely eroded due to the heavy tides that wash against the islands every day. It features several sea caves as a...
  12. Zen Ho

    Three Sharp Peak in Hong Kong, High Junk Peak

  13. M

    Hong Kong flying/location tips? rooftop/park access?

    I'm heading off to Hong Kong in a few days with my phantom 4 and I'm planning on going to a few of the islands, some hills and monuments, and the general cities. I know from experience that it's tough to take off in cities usually given the amount of people around so if anyone knows of anywhere...
  14. Zen Ho

    Easternmost island in Hong Kong, Tung Ping Chau

    Easternmost outlying island of Hong Kong. This crescent-shaped island, is renowned for strange rock formations.
  15. Zen Ho

    Southernmost Hong Kong - Po Toi

    Southermost island in Hong Kong, beautiful landscape, famous spot for camping and photography
  16. Zen Ho

    Skyscraper in Mist

    Sea of Clouds come in sudden with a beautiful sunrise
  17. Zen Ho

    Lost in Heaven

    Filmed last Saturday, it was sunny in the morning, the mist suddenly come out when I reached the top
  18. Zen Ho

    Aberdeen, famous floating restaurant

  19. Zen Ho

    S-shape reservoir in Hong Kong

  20. Zen Ho

    Peaceful Sunrise