1. R

    Our Home - short video

    Hello all! Just sharing a short video of our home. Thanks for watching!
  2. C

    Strange (and scary) go home behavior

    Tonight I took my PS3 out for my first night flight. Everything was going pretty good. I realized the battery was getting low so I told to come home. At first I didn't think it was moving. Then I looked at my phone and realized it was rising. The drone was at 400 ft when I hit go home. I rose to...
  3. toddsworld

    QUESTION: Does the Home Point automatically set?

    Hello, I have a question.... When I lift off with my Phantom 3 S, does the "Home Point" automatically set within my DJI Go app? OR, do I need to set it manually? Before or after lift off?
  4. R

    GPS needed at TX? new to "3" pro

    I'm a old heli RC polot - and had a PV2+ (sold due to lag - lack of light bridge), lack of follow me and decent waypoint automation... and recently acquired a 3 pro. I'm I shoot catamarans over water (racing) and did some with the V2+ but the lag scared me. (didn't want to hit a boat or sail)...
  5. jamesb72

    Phantom 3 - flying below ground level ?

    I've been flying Phantom1 for a couple of years, and getting a P3A in next few weeks, so have been reading up but cannot find anything on this. I am planning to do some video off a cliff, so will take off from top of cliff, then fly along cliff face (~10M below take off position), and hoped to...