home point

  1. K

    Litchi - Home point not changing using P3S

    I click and drag the 'H' to a new location Press 'OK' on the confirm dialogue Then the home dot stays in the new location for a second before moving back to it's original location. I'm using a iPhone 6s, running the latest Litchi software on a P3 Standard. I can reset the home location using...
  2. ckonemd

    Home Point Setting Resolved ( I guess CNY is over)

    Look what just popped up on my Android DJI Go App screen after auto Android update 2/8/17: "Dear Users, An issue was detected in DJI GO for Android v3.12 (581) that may cause undesired operation of the home point setting for some users. We strongly advise you to upgrade to v3.1.2 (582) before...
  3. RobbiNewman Light&Vision

    Set RTH to controller

    Just confirming that P3Pro with DJI Go software on a non GPS iPad cannot update RTH position from a moving boat whether in any manual update mode or auto mode. Any work around apart from swapping to a GPS cell version iPad? I usually land manually anyhow but we drifted away from Home Point...
  4. A

    Changing "Home point" during flight?

    Hello, With DJI go on ANDROID smartphone, can the home point be moved automatically during the flight? I met the problem recently and my drone left crashing in trees, at about 1 km of its initial starting point, in RTH mode ... Fortunately, I could found it. But I do not remember having modified...
  5. RobbiNewman Light&Vision

    P3 Pro flying out at sea filming whales

    We have a marine studies unit in our Living Ocean Organisation and I have permits to fly 'drones' to study them. This is in Sydney Australia to the north. Have had a lot of successful flights but its very tricky taking off and landing...and indeed flying out at sea. Issues include the rocking...
  6. Ramphex

    WiFi iPad - GPS Misconception

    Guys, there's been some talk about this here recently and I don't know why but people are under the impression that the WiFi only iPads will not allow you to use "GPS features" such as follow me or updating the home point. Although it is true, WiFi models do NOT have a GPS module as the GPS...
  7. toddsworld

    QUESTION: Does the Home Point automatically set?

    Hello, I have a question.... When I lift off with my Phantom 3 S, does the "Home Point" automatically set within my DJI Go app? OR, do I need to set it manually? Before or after lift off?