home lock

  1. martinetti

    Problems with Home Lock in Litchi

    Hi. After a while working with Litchi and my P3A, I'm not able to entre Home Lock / Course Lock anymore. As soon as I try, I receive a padlock icon (see pictures). I tried reinstalling the app, uninstalling DJI Go just in case but it didn't solve the problem. Litchi Home and Course Lock worked...
  2. Photocopter

    I couldn't exit intelligent flight mode!

    Dear Friends! I had a few busy weeks with no time for flying. Yesterday I took my P4 for the flight. During the second flight, I was filming a short video and used the "home lock" intelligent mode. When I was about 45s from home point I got a low battery alert (30%). I continued with the stick...
  3. R

    Home Lock from moving platform

    What if we set home lock from moving platform (Car, truck, train, boat). Will the P4 stay locked to where Home Lock was initialized or will home lock continue to be updated with position of controller (on moving platform). Next, if we let go of controls, will P4 hover in spot or will it hover...
  4. G

    Advanced Home lock wont work

    I can't get Course lock or Home lock to work as it should! I have been flying for two years and I have never had a problem before,But I bought this P3 advance off ebay for a friend,when it came one of the aerials was broken,I bought another transmitter,but when that came one of the aerials was...
  5. J

    Standard Home lock

    On a Phantom 3 standard can the home lock be initiated just by using the S1 and S2 switches only without using the DJI go app providing the IOC mode in app is enabled. From what I read you can call up home lock with the S2 switch in home lock position and pulling back on the Rh stick . I tried...
  6. M

    Home Lock in S mode

    I don't get why cannot have Home Lock in Sport Mode. I miss P1, P2 switch :)
  7. Mike_in_Letcombe


    so I've ordered the 4 (along with spare battery, case, Chargers, filters,etc) so looking forward to flying it! Question: on my 2+, I loved the home lock feature- is there something similar on the 4? Like I say: looking forward to flying this....
  8. Flatwoods

    Questions from a nube

    Just started flying a Phantom 3 4K a couple of weeks ago. Am having a blast intermixed with the occasional moments of terror. I have a few questions that hopefully some out there have answers for... 1. When flying on a bright day it is extremely difficult to see the screen of my iphone or ipad...
  9. G

    P3 Firmware Home lock phantom 3

    I have no idea what the home lock is. I keep reading the description and I can't figure it out. Can someone explain that to me?