1. R

    GPS holder/mount . . . where to find?

    I'm looking for a holder for my GPS tracker. There is only one I can find anywhere (found here on eBay) DJI Phantom 4 Pro / 4 Supporto RF V-16 / V-8 GPS Holder | eBay This would work, but approx. $27 seems like a lot to pay for it. Has anyone seen anything cheaper or better that would hold a...
  2. P

    Tablet holder - Phantom 3 Standard

    Hi Guys, it's my first post after sometime lurking. Thanks for all the info this far! My problem is finding a tablet stand/mount for my controller. I got the 7" Samsung Tab A which is only $150 CAD. However I haven't got a chance to use it yet as I've no mount. I'm in BC Canada and the stores...
  3. PilotHal

    Phantom 3 Pro Controller Mobile Device Holder - $15

    I have a spare iPhone/iPad holder that I would like to sell. See images. It's absolutely perfect. $15.00 + $5.95 shipping USPS 2-Day Shipping CONUS Only! PayPal Only
  4. S

    Phantom 3 mobile holder BRAND NEW!

    I have a BRAND NEW holder that is removed from new phantom 3 professional controller $20 Photos here
  5. C

    Wobble with tablet help

    Thanks for any help. I'm fairly new, tried to find my answer on forums, no luck. I have a P3 standard, love it. I just bought a tablet and extender, works perfectly. The problem is that it wobbles terribly. Does anyone have a solution for the standard. Maybe the arm with the ball and clamp...