1. Alex Assenmacher

    Canary Islands with drone + gopro

    The same way I did my other Mallorca video, I've taken the gopro footage and mixed it with the p3pro footage. Hope you like it :) Thanks!
  2. R

    Hi, i'm new here!

    Hi everyone, i've just dipped my toes into drone filming and FPV and all my google searches looking for answers to my questions seem to point to this forum which is very helpful! I thought i'd join up and participate and hopefully find some help with my setup. I'm from Leeds UK and i'm...
  3. W

    Second flight with fpv

    I'd like to thank you all for your supportive feedback. I've now taken my drone out again for a second flight, this time using an ND filter on my GoPro. Again, any feedback is greatly appreciated. Two questions I have are: How to improve the quality of the GoPro footage? Even when using the...
  4. Sp00nFedFilms

    2nd time flying!

    Took my quad out today as the sun was coming down. Not sure if anyone saw my last thread and video but I fixed the issue with my gimbal. Not sure if the software update did it, or just the fact that I remembered to trim my zip tie this time lol. Looking for tips, tricks and critique. I'm...
  5. M

    Lost Video Feed after Update

    Phantom 2 Zenmuse H3-3D GoPro Hero 3+ Silver Fatshark Terminator V2 and 5.8GHz transmitter I kept getting prompted to update the Hero. After, I'd power up the craft and the lcd on the Hero only recognized the usb as a power source. Did a factory reset to (hopefully) void the upgrade but to no...
  6. M

    FPV system with cheap gimbal p2&Hero4

    Hello guys I have my phantom 2 withe cheap 3axis gimbal and gopro hero 4 1- if I fix Boscam TX and RX lcd 5802 and shoot with 4k still will have preview on my RX ? 2- how I can connect my TX to the IOSD mini if am not using the Zenmuse gimbal ? Thank you
  7. W

    FPV Interference

    Hi, I have recently purchased an FPV monitor and tx however, I am currently experiencing interference with the set up I have. I have a Flysight Black Pearl 5.8ghz monitor, ImmersionRC 25mW 5.8ghz, Fat Shark spironet CP antennas. I have soldered all of these onto the my Phantom 2 connecting up...
  8. chapsrlz

    my city at dawn

    i usually dont wake up early, i started to do when i got my first phantom dawns are as pretty as a sunset :) this one shot with a p2+hero4 black this one shot with a p3 pro comments?