healthy drones

  1. J

    Healthy Drones Issues

    I signed up for Healthy Drones and have really been enjoying the 1-month gold trial. It's very interesting seeing how things in there compare to my logs. I did notice two issues that I'm having issues figuring out relating to the batteries. First, it had 4 batteries when I synced my drone up...
  2. jlazz447

    HELP! Drone Crash Data :(

    Hey all... was enjoying a great weekend in VT when my drone fell from the sky yesterday... I had flown in the same area on sunday with no issues and had a great flight around the VT area and got some awesome footage. I've had my drone since Feb. and have flown it all over the country. I'd...
  3. SoCalDude

    What is "Mode changed to GPS HotPoint" mean?

    In my HealthyDrone logs, under General > Notification, there is an item called, "Mode changed to GPS HotPoint". What does this indicate? (this is from a Phantom 4 flight)
  4. FunN4lo

    Any Litchi/Health Drones Combo Experts?

    I have a recurring gig on a 1/2 mile long x 1 block wide construction site. I take 14 pics to stitch into a long pano. I have taken the pics manually. The mission shows up in Healthy Drones. Is there a way to export the data from HD (pic positions and all) into Litchi Mission hub, to set a way...