1. Cody L. Williams

    DJI Goggles vs P4 Pro Specific Question/Issue

    Ok so I received my Goggles. They’re awesome, imo. They work perfectly with my Mavic Pro and yes it works with my Phantom 4 Pro (headtracking and everything included). My issue is that when I use headtracking on the Mavic, the gimbal movement is buttery smooth. So smooth in fact you could pass...
  2. K

    Litchi VR issue with Galaxy J7 v2

    Hi Guys, Has anyone experienced the lag that I am getting with using my new Samsung J7 v2 with the Litchi VR option, the gimble lags and has a staccato movement and worse still, the Immersion or Joystick modes don't work meaning I cannot rotate my P3A either. The only way to use this mode is...
  3. Dreamflights

    Dream Flights supports now Phantom 4

    Dream Flights, the Android app dedicated to VR flying DJI drones, added Phantom 4 support in new v.3.00 As well as 3 brand new headtracking control modes, included "airplane-style turns" see Dream Flights News: New V3.00 of Dream Flights has arrived - click to learn a lot of new features!