hdmi cable

  1. mrozburn

    HDMI module troubles

    I have a question. My HDMI module on the controller for my P4 Pro has stoped working. Everything is fine until I plug in the other end of the HDMI cable to a monitor or TV. It then disconnects the aircraft. I have tried different cables and different monitors, no difference. When I...
  2. D

    hdmi module ribbon cable damage

    While installing the upgrade hdmi module upgrade on P3 Pro controller, the ribbon cable tore and is now not functional. Does this have a similar connector at both ends? Has anyone requested a replacement from DJI? Does anyone have such a cable from that would be willing to sell? Thanks!!!
  3. T

    Stabilize the HeadPlay HDMI cable connection

    Attached are 4 pictures of an easy way to stabilize the HDMI cable connection to the HeadPlay HD goggle. This connection is known to be somewhat difficult due to the small size of the plastic opening on the goggle, the large size of the typical mini-HDMI male connector, and a slightly decentered...