1. B

    Video Editor with autofix like youtube video editor

    Hello everyone. I'm looking for a video editing software for my videos. I live in Hawaii so there is always lighting issues to be fixed especially with the clarity of the water. I've been using youtubes video editor and it has been working wonderfully. Sadly though, if you use it then they get...
  2. Kevin Shi

    Hawaii Trip videos with DJI Phantom 3 and OSMO

    Long time no see, my friends! I took a 7-day trip to Oahu, Hawaii this Feb with my family. It was quite challenging to take videos and photos with a baby at age of one. So I chose to wake up early and go out shooting before my wife and son got up, just one place per morning. It was hard but...
  3. E

    Mostly phantom 3 footage of Kauai

    Mohamed Hassan - The Garden Island | Facebook
  4. A

    Vacation in Kauai !! (READ PLEASE) !!!

    Hey everyone ! Im a semi-begginer in drones cause i had it for sometime now... Anyways Im leaving to Kauai, Hawaii on saturday going to be there for 7 days ! I got 3x PolarPro Filter pack with me & I was just wondering, Which is the best filter to use on a daily basis ? Also any Locals from...
  5. R

    Last flight before crash :(

    Video from my last flight with my Phantom 3 Professional before I lost all signal and it didn't return home
  6. R

    Dusk over the Ala wai canal (Honolulu, Hawaii)

  7. gmanquad

    Adventures on the Big Island of Hawaii (including snow!)

    Whales, dolphins, Hawaii's first spacenet, surfing, mtbiking, slacklining, paddling, waterfalls, you name it. Even some snow for those of you currently feeling the chill! My latest video captures our adventures on the Big Island of Hawaii. You don't need to be on facebook to view the video...