1. swlamarshrunner

    Received PolarPro Drone Trekker Backpack - Review

    Just got my PolarPro Drone Trekker backpack in today and in short, this thing is awesome and I would buy it again with the price point at $130..... I actually got it for $110 shipped with their current discount code! I haven’t got to put my P4 in the bag because I caught UPS on my way to work...
  2. I

    Microraptor Case for Phantom 3 $30 off

    I think coptershop.com is cleaning out and getting ready for new stuff. I found the phantom 3 case by Microraptor for $30 less than Amazon. Regular price is $199 At Coptershop it is $169.99 Microraptor Pro Cases NEW Phantom 3 Case designed to fit the Advanced & Professional Editions DJI...