hard landing

  1. davidzimagery

    Hard landing

    My P3P Pro made a hard landing and now when I power it up. there is a beep beep beep from inside the body. Some of the body seams did have gaps, which I popped back together. The camera and gimbal do the start up operation, but no image on my tablet. Thanks to installing a gimbal guard and...
  2. fhagan02

    If you've ever crashed...Don't give up.

    Thought I'd post a little inspiration about the worse thing that a lot of us have been through. The Crash. Frederick Hagan
  3. A

    P4 climbing beyond max and landing hard

    I was flying my P4 along a river and climbing slowly, I then decided to climb a bit quicker to get a more expansive shot and heard the motors go to max. P4 was about 240 metres along the river at this time. I released all sticks and watched as the altitude kept rising rapidly. DJI Go app...