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  1. C

    Phantom 3 gear (backpack, remote, batteries, etc.) Everything but the drone! $390

    Selling a whole set of used gear for the Phantom 3 Professional--hardshell backpack, remote control, 3 batteries, 3 propeller sets, power adapter and other replacement pieces. It's everything but the drone (which I crashed into a river)! See the list below for descriptions and additional...
  2. L


    Payment method: PayPal Item condition: 9 Shows signs of use, but very clean Shipping instructions: Will only ship to the lower 48. I'll pay insurance and PP fees. Buyer pays for shipping - Original Owner - Hard case, perfect for storage and traveling - Holds the following: DJI Phantom 4 series...
  3. Gabriel Lehto Gomes

    Does P4P's original hard case works on P4P+?

    Does P4P's original hard case works on P4P+? Or are they different? Thank you!
  4. E

    Best Way To Sell DJI Phantom Standard 3?

    I recently purchased a DJI Mavic Air and am ready to part with my Phantom Standard 3 drone, hard case and battery? What is the best way to go about selling it? Here are some photos. Any suggestions are much appreciated...
  5. D

    hard case to check in on airplane

    Hi, I am wondering what hard case is best to use to check in on an airplane. I was thinking of purchasing the HPRC 2700 hard case, but would like to make certain it will properly protect the Phantom 4 pro+. Thanks in advance, Paul
  6. G

    SOLD! P3P 4K, almost new with extra battery and hardcase backpack $635-shipped

    SOLD - Phantom 3 Professional, almost new, plus an extra battery, neckstrap and a hardcase backpack. I bought it new/refurbished from DJI a few weeks ago. It works and looks like new, I have only flown it about 6 times. I thought this hobby was for me, but there just aren’t many places I can...
  7. dpwarren

    Hard Case Club Compact Review

    When I was looking for a hard case I found a lot of reviews on the Go Professionals and Pelicans, but I struggled to find much on the more cost effective Case Club Compact (specifically). It can be purchased on Amazon for $120! So, here is my setup and my opinions... The case allows for 6...
  8. Stringer News

    Parting out Phantom 2 Vision Plus

    Hey guys and gals, I am parting out my 2 year old, never crashed, P2V+. 2 Batteries which hold charge as if they are new. I never short charge them. All of the accessories that came with the unit brand new. I'm even selling off the custom hard case. I bought a new unit and don't want this...
  9. F

    P3 Hard Case w/Wheels

    Case Club hard case with wheels for the Phantom 3 (all models). Also throwing in prop guards and an antenna holder. Case used only a few times, there aren't any scratches, dents, or dings so it is practically brand new. A few of the inserts have been removed, but not all and the ones that...
  10. b2photo

    Good travel lock for hard cases

    A friend bought these locks for his case (Nanuk 950) and just ordered a pair for myself as I have the same case. They have a a really heavy duty construction, fit the thickness of the lock holes great, and are TSA approved. In the past I had to use either smaller locks that were hard to put on...
  11. L

    Case Club hard case for Phantom 4

    SpydroneCase1 by Last Chance posted Aug 2, 2016 at 6:55 PMSpydrone1_resized by Last Chance posted Aug 2, 2016 at 6:53 PMJust rec'd from Amazon. Case Club hard case. Very sturdy. Room for 7 batteries (including 1 in P4), remote, aircraft, charger, propellers (I have 8 in the pocket in front) and...
  12. F

    Phantom 2 Vision Plus cases for sale.

    One Blurex hard case. I think it was supposed to be for a phantom 2 because I had to cut some of the foam out to make room for the remote control to fit correctly, but it fits fine without having to take the props off. IS CARRY ON BAGGAGE SIZE FOR MOST AIRLINES. PRICE 110.00 SHIPPING INCLUDED...
  13. toddsworld

    I'm very happy with this hard travel case for my Phantom 3

    I just purchased my Phantom 3S and chose this hard travel case to store it in. I have to say I'm really happy with my selection. It easily stores my Phantom 3 along with: Detachable prop guards 4 batteries total Charger Controller Props and spare props Hardware 7" tablet Owners manual packet...
  14. cocoamedia

    Cases (again...) UK edition.

    I know this has been covered a million times but it seems much harder to find decent cases in the UK. @msinger does a great job over at Phantom Help listing cases but most of the links go to amazon.com and the cases aren't available on the .co.uk site. Buying direct from the USA is expensive...