hand held

  1. SignumX

    Phantom 4 pro indoor filming

    I looked through the forums and noticed that this was discussed a bit back in 2016, but do you guys have new experiences about using the P4P indoors? I have a project coming up and I'm pondering what equipment to get for it. As it will involve at least some shots that I'll make with the P4P I'm...
  2. B

    Using Phantom for interior shots not flying?

    Hello. I am pondering the idea of using my P4P for interior video shots to compliment exterior video I have been doing for a real estate agent. I have seen videos of people using this method and I'm not too impressed with the results of hand-holding the phantom for video. Yes, it is more...
  3. FreeMavic

    Mavic hand held gimbal.

    Anyone out there see a test yet where the Mavic is used as a hand held stabilized camera? Could one of the lucky few who has one try to see what we can do with out it spinning?